Upon four years of successful publications, GPR is making another step to improve its editorial processes. As of April 2019, the journal will accept and publish articles all-year round. The submissions will be first published individually on our website and later added to the April and October issues of the journal. In 2019, due to the transition to the new publishing system, the two issues will be exceptionally published together in October. The former serialization will continue to exist and the peer-review process itself, including pre-screening by the editorial team, will remain unchanged, only be more time-effective.

What changes:

  • GPR will accept manuscripts all-year round and publish them on a rolling basis.
  • Articles will be uploaded on our website as soon as they are ready for publication.

What does not change:

  • The peer-review process will remain the same, but faster due to increased flexibility.
  • The serialization of volumes and publication will continue in its previous form.

Why we are introducing these changes:

  • If you are a writer, you will gain a faster screening and peer review!
  • If you are a peer reviewer, you will benefit from flexible deadlines!
  • If you are a reader, you will have more to read all over the year!
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