Volume II, Issue I (April 2016). Submission deadline: December 28, 2015.

Global Politics Review (GPR) is a peer-reviewed journal of international studies published twice a year by the Association for Research, Innovation, and Social Science. Global Politics Review publishes high quality research papers, interviews and essays that survey new contributions to the field of international studies, with a focus on alternative and non-western theories of international relations.

Global Politics Review is committed to publishing high quality research papers and essays in the field of International Studies. GPR welcomes submissions from graduate students and scholars at all stages of their careers.

GPR is published biannually in April and October. Authors wishing to appear in the April 2016 issue must submit their paper for consideration by December 28. They can submit papers of up to 8000 words, essays up to 4000 words and reviews no longer than 2000 words.

The theme for the April 2016 issue is “Interdisciplinary International Relations”. This theme was chosen to underline what the editors of GPR believe to be simultaneously one of the biggest challenges and advantages of the academic discipline of International Relations. While political science is, with regard to methodology and object of research, traditionally the most prevalent discipline in IR, it is virtually impossible to discuss any topic of IR without also touching upon International Law, International Economics and Finance, Area Studies, Diplomatic History, Psychology etc.

For the April Issue we therefore welcome IR papers and essays which apply one or more of the above and further disciplines. The next issue will be a compilation of a variety of disciplines through which we also envision to encourage a dialogue on the strengths, challenges and limitations of IR as an interdisciplinary field in social science.

GPR accepts submissions outside of the issue theme. These submissions will be selected on the basis of originality, argumentation and prose.

Detailed instructions for submitting your manuscript can be found on our website www.globalpoliticsreview.com/submissions/. Submissions have to be sent to the following email: staff [at] globalpoliticsreview.com. Please write in the subject line: “Submission to Global Politics Review, your surname”.