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Populism in Foreign Policy


Global Politics Review (GPR) is a peer-reviewed journal of international studies published twice a year by the Association for Research, Innovation, and Social Science. The Journal publishes high-quality research papers, interviews, and essays that survey new contributions to the field of international studies. GPR welcomes submissions from graduate students and scholars at all stages of their careers.
Authors wishing to appear in the October 2017 issue must submit their paper for consideration by July 15 (extended deadline). They can submit papers of up to 8000 words, essays up to 4000 words and reviews no longer than 2000 words.

The theme for the October 2017 Issue is “Populism in Foreign Policy.” Over the last year, the rise of populism has become a hotly debated topic—particularly in the West. Brexit and the stunning election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. are widely considered to be evidence of a populist surge. In Europe, populist parties on the left and right side of the political spectrum have gained influence and threatened to upset traditional politics. And while recent defeats for populist leaders in Austria, the Netherlands, and France may suggest the rise of populism has been exaggerated, its presence outside the Western world and its potential influence on foreign policy cannot be ignored.

Generally defined as the struggle between “the people” and “the elites,” in the global context, populism is viewed as a backlash against the economic and cultural effects of globalization. Recently, this populist backlash has been criticized for having links to nativism, jingoism, and authoritarianism. However, populist leaders have emerged in various forms across a wide range of political and geographical terrain. In this issue, we want to focus on how these various manifestations of populism have played a role in foreign policymaking.

GPR accepts submissions outside of the issue theme. These submissions will be selected on the basis of originality, argumentation, and prose.

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