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International Relations and Migration


Global Politics Review (GPR) is a peer-reviewed journal of international studies published twice a year by the Association for Research, Innovation, and Social Science. The Journal publishes high-quality research papers, interviews and essays that survey new contributions to the field of international studies. GPR welcomes submissions from graduate students and scholars at all stages of their careers.

GPR is published biannually in April and October. Authors wishing to appear in the April 2017 issue must submit their paper for consideration by January 15. They can submit papers of up to 8000 words, essays up to 4000 words and reviews no longer than 2000 words.

The theme for the April 2017 Issue is “International Relations and Migration.” This theme was chosen in light of the recent surge of migratory movements that have placed incredible strain on the international community. According to UNHCR statistics (June 2016), an unprecedented number of over 65 million people are forcefully displaced worldwide. Political destabilization and social upheaval in the Middle East and Africa have led large numbers of people to make long, dangerous journeys to find new lives in Europe. Whether labeled migrants or refugees, many have perished along the way and those that have survived often do not find what they set out for. Images of overcrowded boats sinking in the Mediterranean, exhausted asylum-seekers trudging down highways, and refugees languishing in makeshift camps have evoked strong emotions and posed difficult questions.  

The implications of this recent trend in migration are numerous, but they remain poorly understood. Concerns over legal and human rights, national security, economic capacity, and social and cultural assimilation have resulted in heated debates and finger-pointing among many countries. European countries, in particular, have sharply disagreed over how to deal with the dramatic influx of people from surrounding regions. With solutions coming slowly, if at all, tensions continue to rise and international relations are becoming increasingly strained. Global migration and global politics are inseparable, and the need for a better understanding of this relationship is greater than ever.


GPR accepts submissions outside of the issue theme. These submissions will be selected on the basis of originality, argumentation, and prose.

Detailed instructions for submitting your manuscript can be found on our website Submissions have to be sent to the following email: staff [at] Please write in the subject line: “Submission to GPR v3i1, your surname”.

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